Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Beautiful Dessert Station

I have never seen a dessert station as charming as the one at Kamay Kainan at West Avenue (Quezon City). Aside from the amazing meals at the main buffet (try their oysters- don’t forget the lemon), I was captivated by the wonderful array of native desserts in their bahay kubo - quivering gelatin (my favorite, I really dig this anywhere), colorful, warm guinataang halo- halo, the soft pichi- pichi, fried bananas- I just wanted to taste everything! I think they got the essence of the traditional Filipino food stall set up (like the ones we see on the roadsides) or the classic barrio fiesta. The idea of placing decorative preserves there is a combined idea of elegance and rusticity- and the result is just perfect.

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