Friday, February 29, 2008

Dragging -Tagging

Yay, five random things about me! Who will be interested? If I were in a Miss Universe contest and asked to recount five things – I am most likely to lose! But I was tagged by Coco- you lovely girl- how can I say no... :)

Shoveling through the memory grave, here they are -

1. My kindergarten teacher thought I was dyslexic and even talked to my parents to get help. What she didn’t know was, I juggled the alphabet the way I wanted it- because I didn’t want to copy what was on the board. (Creativity doesn’t apply when you are learning the alphabet after all!) :P

2. A popular food writer filed a nicely- written complaint to our company about me as a restaurant trainee seven years ago about a lousy lasagna. Considering the fine reputation of the writer, our HRD circulated that letter to everybody- to serve as a very important lesson . Shame, shame, shame!

3. For my 15th birthday, I organized my own party. Then one of my classmates thought it was a little weird because I placed tapioca pearls on the mango shake- then everybody was laughing. That weird party really spread in class. Then years later and we were in college, the pearl shake business has become the craziest thing in the country.

4. I was 16, a fat and clumsy teenager. I just came from a town fiesta sleep over in the big house of my best friend’s grandmother- three days of smorgasbord. The town was very far from our place, and you could see nothing but a long stretch of dirt road and vast rice fields. While waiting for a ride, I felt very uncomfortable in my jeans – it was very hot and dusty – so rummaging through my backpack, I changed clothes – in the middle of the highway- almost in my underwear? I just told my friends to please close their eyes for a while…

5. I eat with chopsticks on a china bowl squatted on the floor everyday, and my brother who never went to culinary school fries food better than me- all the time!

Who else is left untagged? Tell me, tell me :P


coco said...

Heheh your alphabet mixing story is funny! Good to know you better :) and you're the cutest! - you put my name in purple :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! You invented tapioca drinks! Probably one of your ex-classmate banked on your idea and living the high life now. haha.

Changing clothes in the middle of an highway? hahahaha. That's original!