Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chef, where are the ggggrrrecipes?!

Writing this on a break from writing tons of ingredients and measurements and procedures and... the secrets of the company. "Sigh". Where else can I write my sighs (and rants and raves) but on this little blog page? On my left forefinger, there's a bloated, water- filled, second- degree burn which I got yesterday from the hot steam of the soup. When you work with high- pressure stoves and the flames are rising up mad, there's no time to call mama- either you cook like a freak warrior or get your veggies burned, or lose your delicate stir- fry sauce. I did the first one and in the process get this... on my left forefinger.
So I spent the whole day- instead of cooking- encoding, editing the restaurant recipes. My burn has been rising a few millimeters at every hour that passes I want to prick it. How many recipes? Entrees? About two hundred? No wonder, this food blog page is already void of food pictures and recipes as any glorious food blog would go precisely because of that. How about uploading our recipes here? Oh...not if don't want to say farewell to my career.

Tomorrow, my deadline with the cooking Jedis. Recipe evaluation.


Anonymous said...

Hey, take care of that burn Foodhuntress. How did the recipe evaluation go with the cooking Jedis? :-)

foodhuntress79 said...

With the cooking Jedis? I got 'executed'. Hahaha. Great - just great. Thank you Zen Chef.