Friday, November 14, 2008


The ‘thousand needles’ that pricked through my body evolved into a hardcore flu that plastered me to bed for what seemed like an eternity. For all that cooking and carrying a heavy laptop around, my left shoulder became a dilapidated limb that screamed its own agony every time I wake up in the morning. I literally had to get someone to help me braid my hair and slip my jacket into lest the pain breaks me into uncontrollable tears. But alas! So true was the old saying that behind every flu is a rainbow of better opportunities.

The great thing that happened is, I have been so lucky to have signed a contract with E.T. TV – (The Extraterrestrial TV). The genius behind this ET TV believed that there was another line that ET said in the movie besides “E.T. phone home…”. It is “E.T. tee… vee…” – Why, ET wants to watch TV! So to immortalize ET, this TV genius decided to add another program with me in it. (Huh!) I just mentioned in a recent conversation that I liked Ming Tsai over other TV chefs, but now this TV genius wanted to create a TV blog program for me! Anyway, ET TV is the official channel of Food Huntress’s show which will showcase her adventures around town.

To start with, I was given a great day off by the Tribe Chief with all expenses shouldered by his checkbook, to go around town – “just to see” – and a few assignments on the side. Now, I officially hand over this post to ET TV to show us around…


Script: Hi! Welcome to the premiere of Food Huntress’s TV- blog show Chef’s Day Out. You know what’s great about today? It’s our day- off and here we go- on a mini field trip around town! Yipee- kewpie! We are headed for the Saturday Market at Salcedo Village in Makati… haven of fine food people and talented cooks.

Indeed, it is a feast in there!

Let's take a look at this French man who is so engrossed in his craft (which I like) - making crepes. I asked him where he bought his buckwheat flour and he had said "Santi's"... - it's a store here frequented by cooking people.

Busy, busy, busy!

Freshly- made honey butter crepe, yum!

Wait, is it French- friendship day? Why are we swarmed by French cooks around here?

- no shmancy- fancy, just real great food! La Cuisine Fracaise’s quiche Lorraine is swear- worthy: “!@#$% , it’s good!”

Freshly- baked breads.

Delightful lasagna.

...and some flyers you can take home with you. When they saw us taking photos of the poster, these gracious French men handed me some brochures instead.

So that's the short episode of the show for now. I would like to thank The Body Shop and Maybelline for my hair and make up (hahaha!) and MGM taxi service. Meanwhile, we are on our way to the next segment of Chef’s Day Out – so stay tuned!
Le Cuisine Francaise is located at #8 Farol St., Urdaneta Village, Makati City 1225 Metro Manila Philippines. Tel #”s: 893 2072 email:

They sell salads and soups – Ceviche, Taboule, Soupe a l’ongon et croutons (P200- 270)
Quiches – Lorraine, Tomato Basilic, Forestiere, Pissaladier (P160/ slice or P850 whole)
Breads- Sourdogh bread, ficelle, brioche, rye bread, pain au chocolat (P50- 250)
Pates- Chicken liver mousse to country pate to chicken terrine (P200- 220/ slice)
Sausages – Boudin Noir, saucisse de paris, etc ( P170- 220 each)
Pastas- Lasagna, aux legumes, chicken tapenade, mossaka (P300/ SVG)

…… and many other for the main main courses. I will leave it right here only so you will be curious enough to give them a call and have excellent cuisine delivered at your doorstep. Their minimum orders is P1000 only ($20.00). Bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

I want to go to that "Soiree Beaujolais 2008" with you Foodhuntress! :-) Last time i went to such a party in Paris, i totally blacked out. Zip. Nada. I don't remember a thing. Scary! haha

I love zee ET TV concept and zee host is such a brilliant pick!.. haha.. You're hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know French cuisine was so well represented in the Philippines.

foodhuntress79 said...

Thank you, Zen Chef, thank you. (Bows) Now, ET TV has a fan...ahahaha... Yes, Soiree Beaujolais here is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the French chamber of commerce in the Philippines. But I am in fact learning more about France through you..ha!