Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Huntress Haikus Vol. 1

While the other tribe members are changing flat tires in the middle of nowhere, what’s a food huntress to do? Shoot pictures. Then write haikus.


Cotton- candy clouds,
In your gaze I am a child
Searching for my soul.

How long have you stayed
On your roots deep in the ground?
Trees witness the past.

Stretch your arms, tall tree
Receive blessings from the sky
The fruits on my plate.

In the endless space
Water, air, earth and sunlight
We are nobody.


Blue sky, still mountains
Are you having an affair?
Tell me your story.

You are true treasure;
From the mud you grow to give
Rice grains for mankind.

Little roadside blooms
Sun feeds you, rains quench your thirst
What else do you need?

Drops of gold sunshine
Growing in a place so bare
No one to envy.

Beautiful flowers
You hide your tears and live on
In adversity.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So incredibly beautiful. The words. The life.