Saturday, January 5, 2008

Whines of the Times : )

Back to our apartment after the big holidays in the big house.

Arriving at dawn with a box of goods- and fresh- harvest vegetables and herbs from the province, my first instinct was to clean up the fridge – and the whole pad in general. Sleepy and tired, I was also very much aware that I have a scheduled dinner that same day of my arrival- with a foreign student from the graduate school whom I help with research – I was just confused where to begin. The laundry in the hamper was a mountain. There were unwashed plates in the sink (charge it to my sister , an air force pilot, who came here first a few days ago- then left immediately for her post in Mindanao – she didn’t have time to wash). And the fridge?

The mess of what we have left pre- Christmas stared back at me, and man, the purple fridge was a horror. Having it unplugged for two weeks, we thought it was empty, (didn’t we, Victoria?). I didn’t expect that some black, hairy, tiny monsters would greet me: The big, halved onion was black, the tiny cream cheese from Starbucks bagels was black, the fresh noodle was black, the eggplant was black, soft and gross, the cream was black, and my baby- food (should I admit it here? I eat mix-with- hot water baby food for comfort) - I just threw in the trash can.

Anyway, I am quite oblivious already of the hours I spent cleaning the whole unit. Can’t imagine how I ravaged the fridge cruelly of its contents– then scrubbed it hard and clean with detergent and baking soda- still in my traveling clothes – then the cupboards, the study, the bedroom, the backdoor, and took out the garbage. Where did I get all that strength?

For now here, writing and sniffing with a little fever and aching muscles (where did I catch this nasty cold?), I look to my left at the wine bottles, witnesses of a few celebrations – from my sister’s bon voyage party to ‘peace dinners’ – still standing on the backdoor veranda. In this backdoor we do barbecues, sip coffee while watching the sunrise. Good thing the bottles are still there – exactly how we left them. Me and my sister glued them there then tied with nylon to a hook in the ceiling – lest we risk them falling at five floors down to the garage of the building owner…

I still went to dinner. And lately, I just received a message from the same student that he got a good applause for the report we worked on together. Alleluia.


Anonymous said...

I had the 'spoiled fridge' experience once and i agree it can be quite a traumatic experience! That one time i thought a piece of cheese was growing legs and was gonna walk out in front of me! haha :-)

I believe a spoiled fridge left unopened long enough could give birth to a new civilization... imagine finding highways and subways in it? hehe...well at least i can but i have a wild imagination. ;-)

PS: you eat baby food for comfort? cuuuute...hehehe

elay said...

that sister of yours - never had the time to wash her hair. no time to pack up - just grabbed the helmet bag and went off, had breakfast in the taxi, and only caught her breathe when finally seated at the c-130.

wish i had opened that purple fridge though - i could have made friends with the little monsters. i imagine that when i open it, they'd be like those locker creatures in men in black II, and i'd be like some kind of a god to them and they'd sing "elay can you the dawn's.."

oh well..anyway, when i got here in mindanao - i found out that the only change of clothing i had were those that i had when we went to the big old i have to do my laundry here at very close intervals of time (and i hate doing the laundry)..or i can get a new wardrobe here..

foodhuntress79 said...

Yeez,that was quite the biggest surprise the purple fridge has ever given me! :O Poor little fuzzy black creatures (with bluish- white specks - to be more particular)-they just had to go :( I swear they are planning revenge at this point in time :P

Elay, no se preocupe, a mi hermana querida!

Hmm.. ah.. Yes, ZChef, baby food. Wheat- banana is my favorite :)