Friday, October 24, 2008

The Promised Land for Dates, Cows, St. Peter – and Mama Rosa

These photos were borrowed from the photo album of my mother who just arrived from a business trip from Israel the other day. I am personally fascinated by her trip so I decided to write about it.

To say a little about my mother, her life is a colorful story of the rags to riches tale – and never went back. Mama Rosa (whose character reminds us Ursula) was born under the Virgo sign Year of the Sheep, to a peasant couple in a two-by-two provincial shack. Now years later with a doctorate degree and a sprawling mansion in Macondo and seven kids whom she iron- handedly raised and sent to college, she technically doesn’t know what to do with her retirement money so she travels. My father, a Melquiades clone, is a bum artist.

This is Mama Rosa’s second trip to Israel- the first in 2000. But the pictures are better this time. The first was a pilgrimage of some sort, but since then she has been so fascinated with the kibbutz and the whole country in general. So she went back.

Remember the Rose of Sharon?

Cows... and kois in a kibbutz...

Apparently, my mother is expecting that I would do an ultra erudite feature of her trip. But I already know what to expect the moment she opens my blog...

The Sea of Galilee where Jesus Christ, St. Peter and other disciples used to fish..

Fried St. Peter's fish! Yum!

2 x 2= five thousand fish and loaves - Jesus Christ times.

Israel's sons and daughters.

Fruits by the roadside. Israel kibbutz produce some of the world's best crops.

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