Friday, December 5, 2008

Food Huntress's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Hello. I know that you love drinking Coca Cola, and that there are many, many kids who write you every year. I am one of those few grown up kids who never stopped believing that you are real. By the way, you have been giving me for the past years the things I never asked for. Thank you for those many bonuses. For now, ah... here’s my report card and... Santa dearest, I have been good this year!

Ten Great Things That Happened in 2008:

10. Winning a blog contest and getting vanilla beans and cookbooks. Santa, click on this amazing link. This generous Zen Chef sponsored a writing contest about vanilla and I won it. I am not sure how many joined but the point is I won it. The vanilla beans went into many dishes but I spared one tube for Christmas dinner. Because I am expecting you for Christmas dinner!

9. Getting a great job. Yes!

8. Bumping into my former boss (to whom I really have been a bad employee) and hearing him say “I’m so proud of you.” You see, Santa, I haven’t been that bad after all!

7. Moving into my new apartment. The gods have been too heart could burst apart.

6. Seeing my sister get married. Thank you for the wonderful brother-in-law. Didn’t you remember last Christmas my sister wished for a lover and there You gave it?

5. Having my post graduate degree. Santa, do you need to see my grades too? Will send it via email attachment, ok? ;)

(P.S. I really find graduation togas a little… absurd. I feel funny wearing one)

4. Rolling around in the field… you know those trysts. That has kept my sanity intact for a long time.

3. Seeing my family travel. One approved visa after another. Thank you!

2. Living through a tough year with flying colors. I survived ’08 alive! (We’ll round off December 2008 into 2009 already)

1. I’ll reserve ONE gratitude. Let me think about it. Hmmm… this last one I feel a little too embarrassed to write here. So, I’ll write it on a piece of paper and send it to you via chimney ashes ala Mary Poppins. This will be our secret…

Thank you, thank you.

Now- for the things I want:

10. A really good Japanese knife.

9. More opportunities for travel (it connotes as well, more $$$$ in my purse)
8. The wardrobe of Marie- Antoinette (modern version)
7. More luck for the new restaurant, great reviews and of course many customers.
6. I want to be very healthy in the Year of the Ox.
5. More blessings for the family (i.e., safety, good health, love, the works, Santa!)
4. I wish that my Boss will lessen this habit of calling me when it’s my day off. Can you tell him? I’ll give you his number via chimney… (ah, via ashes- I don’t have chimney, by the way). Or rather, can you give him a "How-to-Take-It-Easy" Book? He tends to worry too much.

(I really see myself living in a castle someday...)

3. A castle. Yes, Santa, you know how much I wanted to live in a castle, don’t you?
2. The discipline to study four foreign languages (Spanish, French, Japanese and German- yes I am that highfalutin’ ambitious) this year and by 2010 I should speak with more fluency.
1. This ONE too. I’ll reserve. Ssshhh…

One more thing, Santa, everybody probably has a wishlist and includes there "peace on earth" and "No more hunger" and "No more war"....and probably my lousy checklist is all for me, me, me! Yessir! But if I'll be good for another one more year, and cook nice dinners for another one whole year and write more blogs for another one whole year, then dear Santa, should there still be a need for me to wish more "Peace On Earth?"

Thank you for reading my blog. Be careful. I worry about you sometimes you know...hehehe. It's very hot here in my country you might want to take off that red coat... ;)




Santa Photo borrowed here

Knife photo, thanks to this link


Manggy said...

Sounds like it's been a VERY good year for you!! :) (I feel pretty weird reading Santa's letter!)

foodhuntress79 said...

Manggy- yes- it was A GOOD YEAR! Round off na ha? Oh.. my letter... always awkward. You know what, everything I write in this blog comes true. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. :-)
It was a good year, wasn't it?