Monday, April 27, 2009

An American Afternoon

First of all, there was Flygirl. Before there was me, Flygirl was a successful blogger until for some top secret espionage reasons, she had to stop. You can still visit her website though. Flygirl is an air force pilot and she is my sister.

This is what has become of her:

Thought this only happens in Stallone/Schwarzenegger movies?

She still mans the cockpit and flies....

And, together with American soldiers, she is a bearer of hope to the desolate.

And then....

and then there was Viki and me...

There is always a big advantage if you belong to a family of many disciplines. You enjoy many perks and many privileges that you wouldn't have thought you'd ever experience in your lifetime.

My sister took us to the hangar of the US military planes somewhere up north. She told us to behave- like really behave because that place was forbidden- and only a few media men were allowed to enter. It is highly off limits to civilians.
But "I eat death threats for breakfast" (- Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago)
Really, have you touched anything so nuclear somewhere in your life?

We behave well around uniformed men. (Yeah right!)

Hurry up, Rambo!
Oh, food.

Hmmm... the long menu. We had Chinese lunch after.
Hanging out with the kids.

This is Flygirl with some Aeta children. See how behaved they are around her? (And how honorable Flygirl really is :)
And then....
And then there's me- goofing around with a kid in McDonald's backyard.

Love ko 'to!

Good afternoon :)
Going home....

Wait a minute, this is an American day- what's a truffles cookbook doing on our dashboard?

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