Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Than Eggs and Baby Wabbits

Easter Sunday Resolutions

10. Get more organized.

9. Do reports at least 48 hours before deadline.

8. Drive to work more often (I have to overcome my self- imagined fears of ten- wheeler trucks about to gobble me up).

7. Clean my mailbox of old mails. (Done)

6. Set up a bigger kitchen in my unit next door. Or, rather, convert it into a kitchen. (After I drive the renters away. Nevermind the passive income, I have to prepare for the... the... Kitchen Stadium. Yay! Am I about to take my craft more seriously after soul- searching in the wilderness? Hmmm... Maybe it's time to breathe poetry out of food? The seer's advise: "You have what it takes to achieve the impossible.")
5. Don't think too much of life on the other side.
4. Overhaul the wardrobe. (Working on it already :)
3. Talk to Boss less than necessary. (I just work here.)
2. Work like a monk. (Not 'the sound of one hand clapping', but that of ora et labora kind of inspiration.)
1. Embrace change and learn to dance.
Happy Easter!

1 comment:

law said...

learn to dance...yah why not...that would be great...chopping onions while dancing! :))