Friday, January 23, 2009

And Now, The Food...

In almost every street corner there is a vendo machine or a convenience store. Ever wonder why, though is everywhere but the Japanese hardly get fat? (I ain't talking about the sumo wrestlers).

Dried cuttlefish, bonito, octopus, dried nuts... and green tea & kuromitsu ice cream sandwich

Cakes... and instant parfaits... and instant doria gratin.

I don't know how they call this one- this steamed tofu and company. But I sure like hamburg curry. Yum!

Kasutera (pronounced "kastera") or the Castella cake. I went crazy over this. The best chiffon cake I've tasted. Found this at the Isetan at Shinjuku- that whole floor full of gourmet food. Unfortunately, picture taking is prohibited. Besides kasutera I was also eating escargots in butter and chawanmushi.

Pork cutlet and soba. So Japan- nice for a windy winter lunch.

You know, the fake display food that always look so real.

The two 'yakis' - okonomiyaki and namiyaki.

The Japanese’s version of carbonara with onsen tamago; Midnight snack:Mochi wrapped in shiso leaves

Instant crepes found at supermarket. Tastes good, too. Do they have this in France? - and, 'kaputino' at an Italian restaurant.
By the way, you know that great feeling, when after a long winter walk and you had your hands buried in you pocket, your face whipped by the wind...and you go to a cafe where averything is warm and cozy... and the kaputino is so foamy... Ah, perfect.


Anonymous said...

No, we don't have packaged crepes in France (we're snobs! :-) but we do have heart-shaped cappucinos like the one you had. :-)

Me want to make Morimoto's shrimp castella cake one of these days..

Foodhuntress, my head is spinning. So much to see!

Manggy said...

It's nice to see you're having so much fun! You know, we get prepackaged crepes in Manila too I think! :)

foodhuntress79 said...

Shrimp castella- post it please! :)

Manggy, mabuti ka pa nakapunta ka nang New York. Heheh :) Galing mo talaga