Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Watermelon Cure

Have you ever had that tendency to, you know, go back to those childish ways when you stand outside the candy store and, finally having the penny to buy that precious candy, you faithfully wait until the store opens? I don't know how to phrase it perfectly. But somehow that feeling doesn't really go away - it just comes in a different form as we grow older. Apparently, this time it is no longer candy... but... but a vintage pair of flamenco shoes. And it's red! - my fave color.

Nope, I am not that too impressed by brands. Whether it is a highfaluting Miranda Priestly kind of pair or handcrafted for me by a shoemaker (which my shoes truly are), if I like it, I think single- track. Besides I sometimes find it hard to get into Asian shoes because my feet, though not really long (Size 8- 9, depends), are webbed...hahaha... no, they're quite like a boy's (for standing up too much in the kitchen). Oh well! Now- where are we?

Ok, outside that shoe shop in this strip of artists' boutiques (vintage shops, art shops, etc.) I wait until the shop opens. (See, I feel too smug in my orange clogs. )

Omg, that look was captured on cam. Frowning is bad luck.

Sans breakfast and coupled with a little anxiety for The Red Shoes... Foodhuntress ends up a little grouchy :(

So, pass on the cure. (A watermelon cart passes by).

A cool, juicy watermelon...

"...Now comes, my fellow travelers, the burden of my speech

These foods are rare beyond compare

And some right out of reach

But there's no doubt I'd go without

A million plates of each

For one small mite(One small mite)

One tiny bite(Tiny bite)

Of this fantastic ... Watermelon! "

Aw, gawd!

Finally the store opens and I got in. And tried the watermelon- colored shoes...

And they fit perfectly!


Omg, this post is so... duh!! What's the connection???


Anonymous said...

Hey! You have Mario Batali's orange clogs!

You get up a tad too early Foodhuntress. hehe. :-)

foodhuntress79 said...

Zen Chef, the elders say there's, gold in the sunrise :) Good morning!