Friday, January 2, 2009

Foodhuntress Comes Home

After all the gallivanting in the wilderness (and crouching in a messy warehouse) , I have finally decided to put an end to my nomadic life. My own place at last! For all the cliché that there is no place like home, it has always my belief that a house, no matter how small, shelters our dreams.

My place officially opened first half of last year, and physically moving in required some obedience from my mother, who, although she never believed in feng shui her whole life, told me, “Don’t move in at the last days of the year…It is best to move on a new moon.” (Omg, since when??)

I acquired my own apartment unit way before I got a good paycheck. And how I was going to pay the monthly amortization, I just stopped worrying and started believing. Imagine crossing an ocean without a raft nor a boat- just the hope that a raft or a boat would fall from the sky. When I first visited the site, it was a barren piece of land, with bulldozers and cranes and full of dust. How I visualized myself living there just took a little dwelling in grand illusions, for at that time I was struggling with a somewhat costly post- grad program. It took over a year to wait, and every day I was chanting a mantra that I soon I will have a place where I’ll be free to dream, to create and to grow.

Forget-me-nots at the sidewalks. This is love.

A glimpse at my bedroom window. Some bamboos, and the building of the school for pilots.

A yellow hydrant. It looks so happy. I don’t know why I have such fascination for these things.

So here it is. Situated in the hot heart of the city, it is about 15 minutes from the international airport where I long had visions of flying up in jet planes and visit the places I want to see in the world. Now the jets are just a stone’s throw away.

But this is the Secret: Long before I was granted the title for ownership- without me knowing how it would be possible- I already started collecting all the small things I wanted for the place and imagined how they’d look there. Or the things I would need when I bathe in the pool or how even floating on the water would feel like. (Yes, I am that ASS-YOU-ME-ing- assuming!). A fridge magnet, a wine rack, a chime, some cappuccino cups… until there were the brocade curtains and Japanese mats and fancy bed sheets and glasses for lemonade during morning swim – each and every small thing leads to the great possibility of the bigger things. See how faith moves mountains! (– or rather, gets you a house). Aren’t I lucky!

A great find. I haven’t gone around the neighborhood 100%- but for sure I can’t miss out this one.
Oh, yes. And what about the dream castle? Some Count will take care of it. For now, I’ll enjoy what I have.


Manggy said...

Ooh nice place! Congratulations, huntress, and happy new year!

bertN said...

Show us the inside of your apartment. Everything looks great outside. I bet the unit and its divisions are just as good and comfy. Congratulations!

BTW,why is it called an apartment and not a condo? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Foodhuntress! The new place looks fantastic and the fire hydrant is indeed.. happy!

.. and i'm happy for you too! :-)

foodhuntress79 said...

Thank you gentlemen, thank you. :)

Happy NY too, Manggy.

bertN... the inside of my apartment...haha. Sure, sometime. I dont know why it is called apartment- but where I live is formally called a condo community.

Mr. Zen Chef... you noticed too the 'appy 'ydrant. Hehe. Thanks. :)