Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Because You're... Sheep!

No lamb chops today, please.

I was once invited by a very good godmother/ friend at her vacation house. It was a very happy day for me. Because I saw some sheep grazing around.

And a sheep, sheep here…

A sheep- sheep there...

Here a sheep, there a sheep...

Everywhere a sheep- sheep....

But the luckiest Sheep is housed in this cozy cabin..with lots of warmth and food.

Year of the Sheep: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

The Sheep Personality: Born with innate luck being the 8th sign in the zodiac, people born in the year of the sheep are tied with good fortune. It is said that they don’t have to struggle too hard to get the pleasures of life. Highly accomplished in the arts, Sheep people are natural peacemakers. The Sheep is also the most feminine of all signs. They have good taste in food, artwork, and are almost always elegantly- dressed. Dreamy individuals, they resign to their make- believe worlds when reality becomes too harsh for them to bear. In times of disaster, Sheep people are the first to retain and to function with a stylish composure.

Sheep people are: Elegant, Creative, Intelligent, Well- mannered, Sweet-natured, Tasteful, Inventive, Homespun, Persevering, Lovable, Delicate, Artistic, Amorous, Malleable, Altruistic, Peace- loving (REALLY??)

But they can also be: Pessimistic (worry-wart to the nth power), Fussbudget, Dissatisfied (sometimes), Capricious, Intrusive, Undisciplined, Dependent (true to me), Irresponsible, Unpunctual, Insecure (so true)

The Aries Sheep (b. April 20, 1979) The Aries Sheep is a bit of a brawler. The agitation in question glows from within. The Sheep, represented in the Chinese zodiac as the ‘small fire’, herein meets its ‘big fire’ cohort. Aries are snappy warriors. Sheep fight their battles with passive resistance. Conflicting points of view arise within the Aries Sheep. She would do well to use the art or music to calm this nature. In such areas she will shine.
Because Ariens are influenced by Mars, the God of War, and the Sheep are of peace and the arts, the Aries Sheep must strike a balance between the two. Ariens make good military people, surgeons, butchers, firemen , such professions that involve the trade of fire and the spear. The Sheep on the other hand, are natural- born artists, they will flourish extremely where artistic ideas are involved.

Famous Sheep Personalities:
Michelangelo (artist), Bill Gates (mogul), Nicole Kidman (actor), Masaharu Morimoto (chef), Valentino, (designer), Daniel Boulud (chef), Zhang Ziyi (dancer/ actor), Catherine Deneuve (actor), Mick Jagger (musician), Julia Stiles (actor), Coco Chanel (fashion icon), Yo Yo Ma (cellist)… Foodhuntress (chef, blogger :P )

Famous Aries Personalities:
Vincent Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Nikita Khrushchev, Elton John, Leonardo da Vinci, Hans Christian Andersen, Arturo Toscanini, Daniel Day Lewis, Charlie Chaplin,

Rabbit – topping the list in all zodiac partnerships, this is an excellent match
Pig – fruitful match in both marriage and business
Horse- the courage of the horse inspires the sheep
Snake – cunning snake is intellectually- stimulating

The Sheep In 2009:

Feng shui experts agree that the Year of the Ox will be hard for the Sheep. The Ox is the opposite of the Sheep in the zodiac, the former being pragmatic, has little patience for the dreaminess of the latter. I decide to disagree. I was born in the Hour of the Ox, and my youngest sister, a Leo Ox, has the biggest tolerance on earth for me (or maybe her Leo streak is highly compatible with my Aries sign). The Ox is also said to be a lucky sign because it visited by the so- called Golden Deities (I heard this from Maritess Allen). Of course I agree.

The Year of the Earth Ox is a time for plowing and sowing the seeds, and turning the wheel of fate. If we have been very dreamy in the Year of the Rat, sketching our plans on paper, now is the time to be very industrious to make those plans a reality. The Sheep must take care of its health as work will be hard. She must plan her schedules very well and pay less attention to gossips, politics and small talk. Focus, focus, focus! When she succeeds, the Sheep will change tremendously, leading her to even more successful heights.

Forecast and advise:
Use the inherent sharpness of the Arien spear to increase focus. Plan your wars strategically. Be industrious and defy the unpunctuality of the Sheep trait. Use your Sheep luck to its fullest potential by being very disciplined. Not an excellent time for love affairs. You have work to do (and five restaurants to open- OMG!), and duh- get real! (This is going to be another great year- better than ’08, Lucky Sheep - so don’t worry). Plus, numerology is 2009= 11, (1+1) which becomes #2. My birth number is 20 (2+0) =2. Ergo, 2009 which totals at 2 is highly favorable for those with birth #2.

Now, go back to work!

With notes from: The Book of Chinese Chance by Suzanne White (and good prophecies from elsewhere)

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