Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Anmitsu Anatomy

Anmitsu is a popular Japanese dessert similar to the Philippine halo- halo.

Here's a bowl of the mighty anmitsu.

1. SHIRATAMA- These are balls of glutinous rice made from the shiratama-ko, or the shiratama flour. You pour a small amount of water, form little dumplings, drop in boiling water for about 2 minutes, then plunge in an ice bath. I can't get over this. Next time I'll make furutsu- shiratama. :)

2. FRUIT CUBES- You can actually choose the fruit you want. I chose mangoes.

3. AZUKI/ “AN” – The Japanese will correct me for this. The "an", or the azuki paste is what makes anmitsu an anmitsu. But I placed whole azuki beans for texture. (Exception to the rule :)

4. YAM PASTE- I spared the "an" and adjusted the paste in the form of a purple yam paste.

5. KANTEN JELLY- Seaweed jelly.

6. UMEBOSHI– "Ume" - the Japanese plum. Umeboshi is dried Japanese plum. I used dried Japanese plum here, as it gives the dish a somewhat pickle-like exotic flavor.

6. MATCHA ICE CREAM - The recipe calls for a few drops of food coloring in addition to the green tea-vanilla mix...hmmm... not right now. A few sprinkles of matcha powder to garnish.

Serve on a chilled bowl, under all the food is a bed of crushed ice. Served with syrup called the "mitsu" which is made from Japanese brown sugar. Though I prefer it sans syrup because it already becomes too sweet.

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