Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gggrrrecipes by the Numbers...

When you are developing a new restaurant menu and in charge of hundreds plus dishes more at the current one, much is indeed expected of you. Unfortunately, I think my brain capacity is only 1 MB, and therefore I have to cram in a lot of shortcuts.

I am no food genius. I think the accomplishment I can truly be proud of is when, eight years ago, me and a friend played this game at an arcade and the topic was food. Twenty- two years old and just got my first kiss, I didn’t know how I got a 345 points out of a perfect 350. Questions like, a drink that is garnished with an orchid, that dish from a fattened goose… pretty easy, isn’t it?

Just as there are many recipes in the world as in the blog sphere, I am one of these few bloggers who can’t contribute anything more to the civilization of cooking. But here is what I strongly believe in: that cooks must have that innate attentiveness because there’s a lot of hidden maths in the kitchen. For example, when you’re at the REM of sleep, you must still know the conversion formula of Fahrenheit to Celcius and vice versa, and all the other conversions must already be second nature to you. And when your hands are damp in the kitchen and you cant flip through your notes, god, you have to move fast. Your brain too, move it, dammit! This is already an old trick, but it is still very useful to me: Doing the numbers.

The White Sauce Recipe= 2: 2: 2

Any cook would probably guess what each number stands for: 2 T Butter: 2 T Flour: 2 C milk

Bouquet Garni: 4: 3: 6 Name the herbs tied in here and you will know it.

Japanese Rice: 5: 6: 30

French onion soup: 1: ¼ : 1 : 35 – This one includes the cooking time.... and still a number more of other ingredients lined up

California Maki: ½: 100: 1: 1

Curry Sauce: 1: 300

For the Recipe of the Day:

All that my cooks need to do is write the code down on the back of their toques, or, simply pay attention to the numbers:
Bacon and Edamame Pasta In White Sauce

10: 200: 150: 60: 50: 1: 1

I have been making a Recipe Manual these past weeks of over a gazillion entrees and numbers… so, you guessed it, I am too saturated to blog about recipes.

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