Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Chief's Message to Foodhuntress

Last week, I had my performance evaluation. Everything was summed up in this letter.


You must know that what you have gone through were the so- called "birth pains"- imminent in any process of creation or in our case, big projects. I saw that you have been through a lot of headaches and heartaches, but somehow you managed to pull it through. You must understand that what I do to you is likened to finding a jewel or sculpting a marble. First you have to take out a whole slab from the mine, bring it down, until you are at last doing the polishing and the finish. Sometimes that jewel comes into humans in the form of talents or potentials.
I have to tell you that young as you are, you have much to learn. The other chefs cook faster and can stand the heat better than you, but what sets you apart is the unmatched passion in your heart. That I have no doubt.
I am impressed by how you compose yourself in the toughest of situations; gracefully, with both your feet on the ground, and you can carry through. Pay attention to the smallest details, be organized, focused, and in time you will become a great chef.
There is nothing to be alarmed about.
The Tribe Chief
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