Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, The Mermaid That Wanted To Be...

Life is getting prettier by the moment, isn’t it? This is a perfect day to give my kitchen clogs a shower because I am going out for a swim myself. Gosh, isn’t it hot in the city!

If the blogsphere censors women in bikini (or does it?), not quite true with our community swimming pool. I think you can even dip naked if you want to.

But as you can see, I am swimming with a bunch of boys on the onset of puberty - raging hormones and all- so I honestly have to think twice about revealing too much flesh. In a country where girls swim in drenched t- shirts, wearing a bikini bra concealed by a lacy tank top paired with board shorts already gets you the stares.
To be very honest, I haven’t worn two- piece bikini before in public, and what’s worse….I…. tantanaannn… I don’t know how to swim either. During our swimming lessons when I was eleven, I was more into the fantasy and dreaminess of mermaid romances than paying attention to our instructor. No wonder, I had almost always drowned all the time – about five times, five different summers, and some men had to drag me out from the waters. In kindergarten though, when a friend asked me what I wanted to be when I grown up, I said, I wanted to be a mermaid.

Will these hams turn into fish tail? I wonder.

Ergo it’s literally just dipping into the pool, airing my lungs, celebrating a lazy afternoon on my rest day, and burning a few calories. Am I falling in love with the water?

This is my favorite part. The clouds start to gather up in the sky and it starts to rain. Rain on the pool - the boys were shouting with joy.

I had to run back upstairs to our pad, dump my wet clothes into my sister’s washing machine (this is the day she bought her new toy- so while I was out for a swim, the beautiful air force captain is washing our clothes. Who says life is so hard? C' mon, recession is a state of mind!)

I was already combing my hair when the rain poured harder. This is one of my hands- down favorite moods. No worries, rainy afternoon, your muscles are a little achy, and you feel drowsy- that very same feeling when you sipped too much Cabernet. What would you do?

A. Read a book
B. Write a blog
C. Roll under the sheets with a lover
D. Watch a movie

The most delicious answer is the choice highlighted in red. Admit it, denying physical pleasures is hypocritical and un- human, but since that lover is yet on the way, I went for letter E.

E. Create summer coolers

Black Sesame and Tomorokoshi Cream Cooler .

I’ll proceed next time – too tired right now. Goodnight.

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bertN said...

That's a good size community pool! Is it heated during colder months? No reason for you not to learn how to swim now with a nice pool within jumping distance LOL.