Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Potato Men- tori

Forget for now the pancake breakfast. When you constantly have to run against the clock, sometimes you can't help but cook while taking a shower.

There were red jagaimos in my rootcrop basket. I'm afraid they'd grow roots and crawl all over my place so I had to cook them immediately. And quick!

Red Potato Men- tori with Vanilla and Raw Wild Honey

300 grams red potatoes
1 pc vanilla bean (you can re- use those you formerly scraped and ravaged)
1/2 C raw wild honey
1 T butter

1. Wash, dry, then slice the potatoes wan-giri (round slices).
2. Smoothen the sharp edges of the potato slices by peeling it off with the knife. This method is called men- tori, commonly used for decorating vegetables. I was fascinated with this on the red potatoes because of the color contrast.
3. In a pan, place the potatoes then pour water about 1 cup or until the potatoes are partially covered. Plunge the vanilla bean. Cook over medium flame.

You can take a shower, while the potatoes are cooking. By the time you step out, about 15 minutes later, the potatoes are tender.

4. Remove the vanilla bean, transfer the potatoes on a bowl and pour some raw wild honey , then top off with a slice of butter.


Aristarkhos said...

Woh. Didn't know there were red potatoes. And now i learned there are around 5000 types of potatoes!
And the vanilla beans...i wonder we get them here.
My sister and wife have this thing for boiled potatoes with salt or with butter...but I have never come across this prep of honey and all.

Damn i feel dumb...and hungry.

foodhuntress79 said...

Aris, you bet there are many types of potatoes since time immemorial... according to the National Geographic :) Boiled potatoes are such comfort foods, though people don't eat them too often these days. They are better sources of energy, fiber and other nutrients than breads made from processed flour.

Thank you for dropping by!