Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun Run- and the Discovery of a New Cusine

Went ot this Fun Run for Children last Saturday. This is for the benefit of a foundation established by a French Jesuit for children supporting better education and a chance to a better life. The good cause aside, I like events like this for the energy, the enthusiasm, the happiness- and most of all for the food - all packed together to become a great celebration.

Run for a child!

So a good reason to be there was the food. I have been going around town lately, exploring cuisines, and it was a nice experience bumping into innovative establishments.

But in this Fun Run, among the participating restaurants, CONGO GRILLE seems to be the winner big time. I have been acquainted to some staff of Congo Grille for some time now. I have even done a lot of silly things to Carla, the Marketing Manager (who reads my blog :) Hi Carla!) so I said it is about time that I feature her restaurant in my blog. More writings about this fantastic resto some other posts. Besides, the owners of the restaurant have been very kind to me. Thank you, thank you. :) If I don't get paid writing for them then at least I could enjoy many privileges :)

Filipino breakfast treats.

Look at that. These 'pulis' men (policemen) couldn't get enough of CONGO.

It shows.

Feast your eyes-
This Poquito Mas Restaurant also got my curiosity. It serves SPLATINO cuisine- something that is honestly new to me.

What is SPLATINO? This is the spawn of Spanish + Latino + Filipino cuisines. If one would look closely at Philippine cuisine, it has a lot of influence from Spain (having been colonized for 300 years), a hint of Mexican, and Philippine's Asian- ness. Now this calls to mind something that circulated once in the internet- that the Philippines is not "too Asian". The religion is Catholic, the last names are Spanish, the main foreign language is English- what else? Well that makes Philippines, Philippines.

And I love snapshots of children too.

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