Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Foodhuntress's Baby... On The Way

We often hear from the metaphysics gurus that you are what you repeatedly do. Circumstances arise from mere thoughts; the physical world is made of pure energies that emerge from the abstract. We are what we create out of our lives, and all these creation arise from where else- but our thoughts.

I guess the same theory applies to me because of my repeated listening to stage plays. When we were growing up, my sister used to listen to Miss Saigon while "Do You Hear The People Sing" was a natural anthem to my ears. Now my sister literally got herself into "a strong GI's embrace"... for godssake.

I have to confess, I am almost bursting with the anxieties of birth. The checklists, the plans, the what-to-do's... this is my first time.

And while I stay late at night doing food costing on Excel,

Insolent boy!This slaveof fashion basking in yourglory!Ignorant fool!This braveyoung suitor, sharing in mytriumph!

Angel! I hear you!Speak -I listen . . .stay by my side,guide me!Angel, my soul was weak -forgive me . . .enter at last, Master!

Flattering child,you shall know me, see why in shadowI hide!Look at your facein the mirror -I am there inside!

CHRISTINE (ecstatic)Angel of Music!Guide and guardian!Grant to me your glory!Angel of Music!Hide no longer!Come to me, strange angel...

I am your Angel ...Come to me: Angel of Music ...

Listening to that music for years now has got something to do with my alleged... 'pregnancy.' But I am feeling a little guilty because I am into an affair ever concealed in the shadows, considering that the one responsible for my 'baby' is involved with someone else. Why, can I resist the intensity? Can I be a fool to fall in love? Could it be a big mistake to... to be responsive to one's passion?
Here's the analogy to that predicament. There is the reality and the real reality. Raoul, Christine's lover, is a creature of reality, the safer, easier choice. And there's the Phantom, the other lover, who's the rightful genius behind Christine's career. A glass-melting chemistry, a perfect merging... and yet, the wrong circumstance. So they meet at night. He makes the music, she sings.
The Phantom could very well pass as a figment of Christine's imagination, but such imagination materialized into a triumphant end: a fantastic music all for the world to hear. What could be a better end to a love affair?
In essence, you can choose to believe the reality you want to live in- the physical world that you see around you, or, you can choose to believe the reality that your mind chooses to see: all that is loving and creative. In this realm is where all creation takes place, whether it is of music, literature...
- and if you're a chef, could it be possible that your 'Phantom' provides the recipes... and you cook?
That is exactly how my 'baby' was conceived. The passionate meeting in the shadows.

On this site is where my 'baby' will be born.

Due: October 2009


lawrence said...

and you will name him foodhuntress! that day would be the grand opening of a new restaurant of your own? that's what im thinking...;)if that is so i cant wait to be there...!

foodhuntress79 said...

Hello. Ummm... the name isn't foodhuntress. And nope, not my own.

foodhuntress79 said...

- and the delicious thing about restaurant projects actually is the conceptualization of the menu. That's where the cliche 'heart + soul' is poured in. It's your nucleus. And although you work with a team, the 20% contribution of the chef makes up the greater 80% of the project. I heard that this concept was given to my predecessors way back, but no one desired to work on it. It's hard work actually, no direct competitors from which you can benchmark or compare. I pray for lots of good luck... :)