Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Preview: Enrique's Coffee Table Book

I hardly use this blog to advertise the two restaurants I opened this year but this one for sure is something that I should never miss.

Meet my brother Enrique . This kid is launching a coffee table book he has been working on the past months. I heard that the idea of the project sprouted during those beer sessions at the old apartment together with my sister Maria Victoria. Four bottles, five bottles... and genius speaks at its loudest. (You see, beeer is good for you.)

This is the first coffee table book to be produced by the province (I - we - grew up here, ok)- all aimed at promoting tourism and ecological preservation.

The front cover:

A few peeks at the inside pages...

Sorsogon Map. Sorsogon is down south of Manila... about 12 hours drive or just an hour by plane.

Mountains, rivers, and lots of fresh air. That mountain in the background is actually an active volcano.

Rice fields.

Life's a beach. With white sand.

Life is really a beach.

More beach.

And more!

A lagoon.

Old Spanish church ruins. A place called Barcelona. Strange, isn't it. We're 100% Asians with so much Spanish influence.

Kingdom of the King Crab.

Go diving with the whale sharks.

Food. Tropical fruits, etcetera...

Fish be with you...
Pili nuts and other whatnot. Souvenirs!

Back cover.
Coming soon!

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