Sunday, June 14, 2009

Midnight Kitchen Workshop

It's 11 pm and you're up in the kitchen doing your thing. I love it.

If you live alone and you can't sleep (because of too much coffee sipped the whole afternoon), I think a nice preoccupation is to stay up at the kitchen in your sleeping gown and do something. I took out some argula and leftover smoked bacon and thought of a dish where I could put the two things together besides pasta or salad.

Not really knowing what to do with the two ingredients, I flipped through one of my books.

Madame Julia Child has been very inspiring with her cooking techniques. Every time I work at something derived from her writings, I could almost hear her "voice" in every word written there. I don't think there'll ever be any culinary female who could be as legendary as her.

Then I started getting my colored pencils to move.
Hmmm... HB Eggs on a Bed of Arugula... the left over smoked meat can be topped on the filling...
After a few minutes, your eyes start to droop. The caffeine is starting to subside and you want to sleep because you have to work tomorrow.
A few minutes more and you're in that REM... half expecting that Julia Child will spring to life and give you the trade secrets of grand cuisine.
Your clock says 1:09 am.
After placing the food in the fridge, you turn the lights off and fell on the mattress.

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