Monday, May 4, 2009

How Lechon Kawali Knocked Out Meat Pies

Yes, this post is in some way related to the Pacquiao- Hatton match which stopped the world for a moment recently. I am not a boxing nor a Pacquiao fan in general but I got a little curious about this fight because Hatton really has a huge ego, i.e., "I will finish off Pacquiao"...then I think Hatton's party labels Roach- Pacquiao as being amateur. Well, Roach-Pacman are low- key people who know their game, and I think the lesson here is that your punch should be stronger than all your BS put together.
To make lechon kawali is as easy as finishing off a fight in two rounds. I was somehow expecting that Hatton would go up to 6 rounds or more, but, damn! Two rounds? Are you kidding?

Lechon Kawali of Congo Grille - the best in Manila.

Find out how to make lechon kawali. I have a post here about Mrs. Lovett's meatpies from way back and I got nasty comments. Just like Roach- Pacquaio, no need to argue with large egos.

But the difference between lechon kawali and meat pies is- you can cook the former fast. Just like the Pacman- Hitman match.

By the way, lechon kawali goes best with of course Lechon sauce, then hot steamed rice and ice cold San Miguel Beer. Ayus!

Pacquaio photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.
Lechon Kawali courtesy of Carla of

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