Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Making of Iron Chefs Starts with.... Fun!

I have every reason to love my job. Recently I have been invited to "judge" a fun- filled activity by Congo Grille Bar and Resturant in Alabang. I couldn't say no, specially since everybody in this establishment is extremely nice to me.

Congo Grille is one of the restaurants in Manila that offers exceptional Filipino fare. I swear, you couldn't find anywhere anything comparable. At random visits I have never been disappointed.

Now this amazing restaurant held its "Jr. Chef Cooking Activity". Kids were invited to that opportunity to create their own pizza and barbecue.

Beat that. These youngsters, all toqued-up, are having the time of their lives.

First, you put the sauce on to the crust...

Next, you place the toppings of your choice...

Standing tall. She must be thinking, "One day I'll make it to the Kitchen Stadium..." :) But for now, my coach is a... a clown-slash-magician.

Ready to bake!

Hands up when you're done!

Me and the junior chefs. I think they look better with the toque than me :)

- pizza!

Barbecuing 101. Mark won in the barbecue category. This kid knows color, proportion, flavor, juicy-ness. Among the others, he stood out- his barbecue looked like it was done by a pro.

You are under the tutelage of the exec...

Barbecue galore.

Class photo.

With a wonderful brood of four. I like these kids.
Hmmm.... FIN?
Good afternoon!


Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Wow very cool! Those kids are so cute in their Toques. Those skews looks pretty tasty too.

Sidney said...

That is a fun activity for kids!
Looks like you had a fun time too !