Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Spicy Fried Chicken and a Simple Answer

Don't you hate it when people at the board room make so much fuss (read: blow out of proportion) about a small complaint and miss out on the bigger ones- just because they (board room people) hate you?

Unnecessary wastage of energy, if you'd ask me. Minor adjustments in the kitchen... come on.

The other day I read the complaint log book of our new restaurant and there had been minor feedbacks on food. Unfortunately many customers got angry- not because of the food- but on the mechanics of the promo. And the board room people didn't focus on what is supposed to be the solution to that promo mess, instead on that spicy fried chicken that was a little too salty. Oh well.

Now they are asking you for the solution to the Salty Fried Chicken.

"Chef, what happened to the Fried Chicken?!"

"It drowned." -Vladimir Putin

Give me a break....

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