Monday, May 25, 2009

Love- and How to Brew the Perfect Tea

Strings of kimono untied, a glass of tea, some flaky wafers... and a letter from a Zen monastery. The love of my blog life Mr. Hun wrote the other day.

First, you brew the tea.

You'll need:
A kettle for boiling water
2 cups

200 ml hot water for warming the teapot and cups
6 grams Earl Grey Tea Leaves
360 ml boiling water
Sugar or honey- optional

1. Pour water into the teapot and cups and swirl them around to warm all over. Throw the warming water away.
2. Spoon the tea leaves into the warmed teapot.
3. Gradually pour the kettleful of boiling water into the tea leaves, then while pouring, lift the kettle high up in the air up to two feet. This will enable the tea leaves to “jump” and incorporate enough air necessary for the tea leaves to bloom and release flavor.
4. Steep for five minutes.
5. Pour into the warmed tea cups, pressing the leaves to get those "golden drops"- the tartest part of the tea.
Can be served with or without sugar or honey.

Note: Iced Tea and Tea Au Lait have different proportions altogether.


Next, read a love letter.

My dearest Foodhuntress,

First, thank you for all your kind words. You are so nice to me. Words can't describe what I feel for you. You caught my attention with that book about the Zen monastery. I will look for it. Sounds like my kind of reading so thank you. I have so much admiration/love/passion for you, you have no idea. You can trigger that 'whole range of emotions' within me with just a few words. That's how special you are to me. What would have been the odds of meeting you? 1 out of 6 billions. But yet again, nothing happens by chance alone. All forces participate at everything on our favor indeed. I feel like we are growing together. :-)

I am glad to be in touch with you again. Even at the age of internet, I could still feel that my world is built in the 16th century. Everyday I wake up at 4 am to do some meditation, and believe me, our diet here of pickled radish and tea has made me lose weight I think I could levitate everytime. How's your blog going now? How are the kitchens? I miss you.

There's something that got me thinking these past weeks. There's something about intimate relationships that is deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional. Falling in 'love' on the physical plane can be deeply satisfying at first. You feel intensely alive. Your existence has suddenly become meaningful because someone needs you and makes you feel special and you do the same for him or her. It can get so intense that the world that surrounds the lovers fades away. The downpart to this is the neediness and the clinging to that intensity. You become addicted to the other person like to a drug. You are on a high when the drug is available but the thought of 'losing' that person can lead to jealousy, possessiveness etc... Where is the love now? Was it true love in the first place or just an addiction?

On the other hand, true love has no opposite because it arises from behind the mind. I agree with you when you said human relationships should be rooted from the inside and love will manifest in different forms. You are becoming a radiant being yourself, I can feel it. I'm so proud of you. Now i know the distance between us is in fact a blessing my love, we speak to each other from the heart, we don't need to pretend or play a role. What we experience for each other is true love. I am certain. I love you and I'm sincerely thankful to have known you too. :-)

In essence, we must be like an empty cup- never too full of ourselves.

I'm not saying you should avoid relationships altogether. Closing the door is not the answer. Sometimes the pain of a failed relationship will force you into awakening, there's always something to learn in any situation, good or bad. Go out there and live your life my darling. Seize the day. I will still love you no matter what, I promise. You've got my word for it. :-)

Happiness and unhappiness are the two sides of the same coin, like day and night. In the cycle of life, happiness will always be followed by unhappiness because they are both created by the mind, the ego. Happiness is like the surface of the ocean. It can go from calm to fury (unhappiness) very quickly. Only the deep waters remain unchanged no matter what happens on the surface. Beyond happiness and unhappiness there is a deep inner peace. I think that's what the Buddha meant by 'happiness is the source of all suffering." But what do I know?

When we bring intense presence into our lives and we stop worrying about the future and complaint about the past we start moving beyond duality, and beyond good and bad lies the bliss you often hear about in Buddhism. On the physical plane we will never be complete, you are either a man or a woman and the only tiny glimpse at wholeness we get is during a loving sexual intercourse. The act in itself is quite symbolic, isn't it? On the spiritual plane, that One-ness is within each one of us all the time. Waiting to be discovered. It's within reach. Realizing it is Nirvana but I like to think of it as a big spiritual orgasm instead. Haha. I'm baaad, but you know that already! I love you, I really do. How did I get from this spiritual talk to wanting to take off your clothes so badly? You are too intense for me, I can't take it. Hahaha. Sorry.

Good luck with your job my darling. There are hard times, I know how sometimes you break in tears but all of that will go away one day. I'm sorry I can't be there for you. Sometimes the arrangement of the planets can really be so tricky we have to deal with it. Don't worry too much. You can always look back at your life and connect the dots, and you'll see that pattern what had made you who you are right now. I don't know how much waiting this would take us – how far, or what lies beyond. But let's not think of these things right now and live everyday to the fullest. Think of me less everyday. Have fun, enjoy a date- follow your heart.

I love you.

Mr. Hun

P.S. Have I told you I've shaved my head? :)


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